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Quincy firm secures payment for clients victimized by negligence

Suffering a physical or emotional injury because of someone else’s negligence places great stress on you and your family. Legal relief is available, but it’s crucial to choose the right attorney to assert your rights.  At Thomas & Wickenheiser, LLC in Quincy, we provide comprehensive counsel to personal injury victims in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our attorneys have more than 25 years of combined experience and work aggressively to hold individuals, businesses and governments accountable for their harmful actions or inactions. Whether you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident, a fall or some other type of incident, we will vigorously pursue full compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other available damages.

Proven litigators assist people hurt in motor vehicle accidents

Busy roads in the Boston area and throughout the region can lead to serious vehicle crashes. We represent people injured in a wide range of accidents:

  • Auto accidents — If you’ve been hurt in a car crash in Massachusetts, which follows a no-fault auto insurance system, you must seek relief from your own carrier. In cases involving significant injuries, you may be able to take action against the motorist responsible for the accident.
  • Vehicle rollovers — Sport utility vehicles are susceptible to rolling over even if the initial impact was not especially severe. For all vehicle rollover cases, our firm reviews the facts to determine if the vehicle manufacturer’s negligence contributed to the injury.
  • Truck accidents — The added danger associated with large trucks has prompted special rules that apply to commercial vehicles. We’ll investigate if regulations on vehicle weight, driver rest, speed or maintenance were violated and led to your accident.
  • Pedestrian accidents — Drivers who are distracted or driving too quickly pose a significant threat to pedestrians. If you or a family member was hit by a vehicle while walking, we’ll battle for a full financial recovery.
  • Motorcycle crashes — Motorists often don’t understand the laws that exist to protect motorcycle riders. After collisions between bikers and larger vehicles, our lawyers take on careless drivers to get riders the compensation they deserve.

Don’t wait to gain an informed perspective on your legal options. Our firm offers a free initial consultation and does not collect fees unless you obtain a financial recovery.

Diligent lawyers handle all types of personal injury claims

In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we aggressively pursue fair compensation in a full range of personal injury actions, including claims involving:

  • Slip and fall injuries — If you slip and fall on someone’s property due to a hazardous surface or area, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injury. Our firm litigates premises liability actions arising from spills, icy walkways, hard-to-see items on floors, poor lighting and broken handrails.
  • Birth injuries — Cerebral palsy and other serious problems can be triggered by improper medical treatment during the childbirth process. If your child has suffered from this type of harm, we’ll hold the negligent parties accountable.
  • Dog bites — Pet owners are strictly liable for the harm that their animal inflicts on an adult or child. It is not necessary to prove that the dog is vicious or has caused personal injury before. We seek justice for victims of dog bites and other animal attacks that can cause injuries, scarring, disfigurement and severe psychological trauma.
  • Traumatic brain injuries — The effect of a blow to the head might not be immediately apparent but can result in a traumatic brain injury. Whether someone has suffered such an injury in an auto accident, a fall or due to repeated head trauma, we’ll assess what compensation might be available.
  • Nursing home abuse — Residents of nursing homes are vulnerable to falls, malnutrition, bedsores, medication problems and other types of preventable harm. Even if you only suspect that a loved one in a care facility has been abused or neglected, we have the ability and resource to identify a possible claim.
  • Wrongful death — Fatal instances of negligence or intentional misconduct change a family’s life forever. Our firm litigates wrongful death actions to collect damages for final expenses, unearned income and the companionship that was lost.

No matter what type of injury you’ve suffered, securing appropriate medical attention should be your top priority. Once your medical needs have been met, there are immediate steps you can take to strengthen your legal claim:

  • Collect relevant evidence — This includes compiling police reports, hospital records, photos and any other paperwork that relates to your accident or injury.
  • Record your impressions — Write down everything you experienced in the moments before and after the accident. Include the times that you recall events happening, such as the time that an ambulance may have arrived.
  • Assemble your witness list — A list of people whose testimony can support your personal injury lawsuit should include their names (spelled accurately) along with their verified contact information.
  • Retain counsel before speaking — Don’t speak with a representative of the potential defendant or their insurance company. State that your intention is to secure a personal injury attorney and, if necessary, pursue a lawsuit to safeguard your rights and interests. Tell them that they can speak with your attorney.

Whatever type of injury you’ve suffered, we are determined litigators who press for appropriate compensation in whichever forum best meets your needs: during settlement discussions, at trial and through alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Contact an aggressive Massachusetts personal injury attorney for a free consultation

Thomas & Wickenheiser, LLC litigates a full range of personal injury matters on behalf of Massachusetts and New Hampshire victims. Please call 774-247-0458 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Quincy office.

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